Adams County ends halt on oil and gas permit applications

Author: Associated Press - November 14, 2018 - Updated: November 14, 2018

Amendment 74An oil pump jack near homes in Frederick in Weld County. (iStock/Getty Images)

A Colorado county has lifted its temporary ban on new permits for oil and gas drilling after voters last week rejected a ballot proposal to restrict new wells.

The Denver Post reports that by a 3-1 vote Tuesday, the Adams County commissioners lifted the temporary ban that had been imposed on Oct. 30.

The moratorium had been passed before the outcome was known about a ballot measure that would have dramatically increased the setbacks for oil and gas wells from buildings and waterways.

The county imposed the temporary ban because it was concerned that had the measure passed, there could have been an influx of new permits from companies trying to get approval before the new setbacks became law.

Associated Press

Associated Press