Tom Cronin and Bob LoevyTom Cronin and Bob LoevyOctober 31, 20189min425

Two political waves could be washing across Colorado on election night this Tuesday. The first is a “blue wave” of Democratic votes from folks who dislike Republican President Donald Trump. The second is a “big dollars” wave of Democratic votes caused by the fact Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has spent more than $20 million of his own money to defeat Republican Walker Stapleton.


Tom Cronin and Bob LoevyTom Cronin and Bob LoevyApril 25, 20189min412

Maybe it is time to reform the political party nominating process in Colorado. The double-barreled system currently in use – which involves both a political party state assembly and candidates petitioning on to the ballot – is complicated and confusing for the average voter to understand and favors rich and well-financed candidates over those with less money to spend.