Jessica MachettaDecember 31, 20173min591
The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that promotes energy conservation and encourages innovations in LED lighting, authored by Congresswoman Diana DeGette, D-Colo. The bill heads to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law. “The holiday season will be all the brighter thanks to our bipartisan efforts to speed the nation’s progress in the […]

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Jessica MachettaDecember 26, 201715min3808

Jack Keener is a Denver native who feels like he’s being robbed of his city, and he’s not alone. The 51-year-old McDonald’s manager walked out of the public library in Lincoln Park, lit a cigarette and made his way past a new apartment complex being built just across the parking lot. The new construction cuts the view of downtown Denver. Cranes slice into Colorado’s iconic blue sky as construction workers in yellow vests craft yet another multilevel contemporary building with straight lines and efficient use of space.


Jessica MachettaDecember 24, 20173min762

Former state treasurer and Democratic candidate for governor Cary Kennedy held a 25-hour “tweetstorm” Thursday, one tweet per hour for every new person that moves into Colorado, 25 each day.

Also this week, Kennedy unveiled her goal of improving the state’s transportation challenges and expanding broadband in rural areas.

“Growth is a top concern,” Kennedy said on Twitter. “My #CKplanforgrowth tackles issues like housing, transportation & protecting the Colorado we love.”

“Colorado has gone too long without preparing for growth,” she said in a press release. “Our deteriorating roads and inadequate transit systems hold our state back and cost us time and money. Our state is innovative and forward looking, but we haven’t made the necessary investments. I know as a working mom how frustrating it is when you miss dinner with your family because you’re stuck in traffic. We can do better.”

Kennedy’s four-tiered plan includes making Colorado affordable; protecting public lands and open spaces; investing in transportation, housing, water conservation, clean renewable energy and broadband; and standing up for middle-class families.

“I’ve watched Colorado’s population double since I was a kid,” Kennedy told Colorado Politics. “And now, forecasters are telling us it’s going to double again by the time my teenagers are my age.”

The political reality, however, is that she will have to pay for such goals and possibly wrangle support from moderates and Republicans, depending on which party holds majorities in the state House and Senate next year. That dynamic quickly fills lofty campaign promises with hot air.

While serving as chief financial officer for Denver, Kennedy helped start the city’s first affordable housing initiative, a plan she would make statewide if elected.

“People can’t afford to live in the communities where they grew up, and can’t afford to live in the communities where they work, so that’s added to our traffic congestion problem,” she said.


Jessica MachettaDecember 23, 20174min843
Colorado rules going into effect Jan. 1 are intended to ensure that marijuana packaging doesn’t appeal to minors and that the packages cannot easily be opened. The new rules on labeling should also make it easier for consumers to know what they’re consuming, Mike Hartman, executive director of the Colorado Department of Revenue, told Colorado […]

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Jessica MachettaDecember 22, 20173min319
Not many folks are thinking of corn dogs, champion steers and riding the Ferris wheel this time of year, but preparations for the 2018 Colorado State Fair are already well underway. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has launched a national search for a new fair division director. The department reports Sarah Cummings, the fair’s general […]

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