Hal BidlackHal BidlackNovember 16, 20187min317

I really like our state. Colorado has, again and again, shown itself to be a national leader in good things and a bellwether in political trends. One area I hope the rest of the nation can learn from us is in how to behave after elections. Coloradans, for the most part, have not embraced the sour winds emanating from the White House regarding the outcomes of various contests, as well as the ongoing vote counting, and that’s important.


Lisa WeilLisa WeilNovember 14, 20184min376

On Election Day, something momentous happened: Well over 1 million Coloradans voted for Amendment 73, a statewide increase in funding for schools, kids and teachers.  That’s more than for any other tax proposal on the ballot, despite having a fraction of the resources and a well-funded opposition that used scare tactics to dissuade Coloradans from voting their values. It’s more than the marijuana tax received and more than twice the number of votes that the last statewide education funding measure received in 2013.


Miller HudsonMiller HudsonNovember 12, 20187min208

There will be ample opportunity and the advantage of temporal distance to bloviate regarding the results of last week’s election returns in Colorado. But today is Armistice or Veterans Day – a day to remember. I wear my grandfather’s 26thConstruction Company dog tag from World War I, together with my father’s and my own Navy tags from World War II and Viet Nam. They remind me daily of how three generations of Hudson men spent a portion of our youth during the 20thCentury. I believe that service shaped us into better and more tolerant fathers. (It also amuses me to consider the confusion these tags will cause the EMT who handles my remains. Each says, “Miller Hudson”.)