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Colo. billboard depicts GOP with Soviet hammer and sickle

Author: Washington Examiner - July 30, 2018 - Updated: July 31, 2018

A Soviet hammer-and-sickle emblem. (File)

A new billboard in Grand Junction is likening the Republican Party to the former Soviet Union.

The billboard, created by local liberal blogger and author Anne Landman, reads “GOP” but the Soviet hammer and sickle replaced the O. The sign is also in red and gold, the trademark colors of the former communist nation.

“I bought the billboard myself for a week purely out of my own level of outrage and frustration over Trump’s secret meeting with Putin in Helsinki,” Landman told the Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction.

The local liberal activist has previously made politically charged billboards, but this one has garnered some extra attention. Landman said she has received numerous donations from locals who want to see the billboard up for a few more weeks.

Before it became a billboard, the image depicted was used on social media by MadDog PAC, a political action committee committed to building an opposition to President Trump. Landman said she got permission from the organization to use the sign.


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Washington Examiner