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Colorado town manager who got fired, then unfired, is gone with a fat severance deal

Author: Next with Kyle Clark, 9News - September 18, 2018 - Updated: September 18, 2018

Frederick Town Manager Matt LeCerf is seen walking out of an Aug. 28 meeting of town trustees after a vote to fire him. That vote was later invalidated. (Town of Frederick video via KUSA-9News, Denver)

A super-awkward story has a very happy ending … for one person, anyway.

Back in August, Next with Kyle Clark showed you an awkward video of the Frederick town manager getting fired and walking out — and then later getting unfired because the town trustees actually didn’t have enough votes.

“I’d like to make a motion to terminate the contract in which the town of Frederick holds with the town manager,” Trustee Rocky Figurilli said during the meeting on Aug. 28. Figurilli did not give a reason for why he wanted to fire Town Manager Matt LeCerf.

That 3-2 vote was later invalidated because, per Town Attorney Rick Samson, four “yes” votes were needed for the motion to be approved under the town code.

Well, now, LeCerf has resigned, and he’s getting a pretty sweet severance deal for someone the town wanted to kick to the curb.

The town council approved a settlement package that includes 13 months of severance pay, health insurance and a letter of recommendation that doesn’t mention the fact that the town wanted to fire him.

Frederick is a Weld County town along Interstate 25 of about 12,000 population.

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Next with Kyle Clark, 9News

Next with Kyle Clark, 9News