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VIDEO: Millennial Policy Center takes on tariffs — yeah, baby

Author: Joey Bunch - June 15, 2018 - Updated: June 15, 2018


Leave it to Millennial Policy Center to find the funny in President Trump’s battles over trade and tariff.

They satirize Austin Powers in the process in the chuckle-worthy takedown you see posted above. While the Denver-based think tank for younger policy geeks is as conservative as Ronald Reagan’s reputation, it leans harder toward free markets.

We told you last week about a package of white papers and other reporting on free trade by the Millennial Policy Center authored by Jimmy Sengenberger, the Millennial Policy Center’s president, and Jacob Dubbert, the center’s economic opportunity and fiscal policy fellow.

This is the lighter side of the same coin.

“Free trade is crucial to economic opportunity and prosperity for millennials who seek to be successful as they launch and grow their careers,” Sengenberger said in a statement.

“We want to approach issues like the growing trade dispute in a fun and entertaining way, one that relates to millennials using pop culture references they know and love. We think viewers will be entertained, no matter which side they fall on.”

In March, the center released “ScamWow: The Tariff Towel,” a send-up to infomercials and trade policy.

Here’s that video:

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch is the senior political correspondent for Colorado Politics. He has a 31-year career in journalism, including the last 15 in Colorado. He was part of the Denver Post team that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 and is a two-time Pulitzer finalist. His resume includes covering high school sports, the environment, the casino industry and civil rights in the South, as well as a short stint at CNN.