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Denver Post editorial: Denver Broncos were right to revoke some season tickets

Author: The Denver Post - May 13, 2017 - Updated: May 13, 2017

The Denver Broncos were right to revoke tickets from season ticket holders who sold every ticket they had in the 2016 season to strangers on a secondary market.

These were not fans who gave all their tickets to friends and family, or even fans who sold their tickets to neighbors and acquaintances.

No, these fans maximized their profit by selling every single ticket on third-party online sites, sometimes for hundreds of dollars over face value. And some of these season ticket holders had done so for years, even scoring playoff tickets only to sell those at a high markup, too.

We’re not opposed to season ticket holders selling their tickets. In fact, many sell tickets to games they cannot attend, or to some of the hottest games of the season, to offset some or all of the cost of holding tickets.

But when there are 75,000 fans on the wait list for season tickets and the Broncos have sold out every game since 1970, it’s time to cull the pack of those privileged few who hold 22,000 season ticket accounts, which represents 97 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

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