FEEDBACK | Stapleton unfairly targeted; vehicle registration is no bargain

Author: Colorado Politics - August 22, 2018 - Updated: August 21, 2018


Blamed for the sins of our fathers? Really?

(Re: Recent news coverage about gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton’s great-grandfather, Ben Stapleton, who as Denver mayor in the 1920s had been a member of the KKK.)

Isn’t it a legal precedent dating back millennia that children cannot be punished for the misdeeds of their parents?

Is the continuing drumbeat of media articles topped with banner headlines, linking gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton with his tainted, but long deceased, ancestor, anything but an effort to sway voters to favor his opponent?

So what needs to be done to rid Walker of this journalistic albatross?

If former Denver Mayor Benjamin Stapleton were exhumed, hanged, and beheaded (as was done to Oliver Cromwell’s body in 1661,  two years after his death), would that satiate the media mob, or might it then seek further headlines by turning to searching his Democrat opponent’s family tree for some miscreant apprehended for jay-walking some 300 years ago?

Isn’t it time for all to return to responsible journalism and deal with issues of the present day?

Russell W. Haas


Little to show for our highway ‘fee’

Years and years ago, as my ’97 E250 van reduced in value, which resulted in less money every year for license and tags (about $70 at the time), along came the government deciding that a flat fee was needed to rebuild Colorados br’idges. Since then, my van fee (they made sure it was a “fee” and not a “tax”) has been $143 every year, and I don’t think one bridge was rebuilt. I also think it is a ripoff to make me pay for HOV lanes. These lanes should be used to alleviate traffic flow at peak periods based on directional flow, for all vehicles at no charge!

I feel like just one of the milking herd !!

Jerry Guidry


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