WATCH: Police video shows detention of Denver journalist

Author: Associated Press - August 29, 2018 - Updated: August 30, 2018


Police video of the detention of a journalist photographing officers shows an officer take her phone and another handcuff her right after telling her she would be arrested for interfering if she didn’t stop.

Susan Greene, editor of The Colorado Independent, was put in a patrol car in Denver in July after trying to document police tending to a handcuffed naked man on a sidewalk.

An officer used his body and hands to block her. When she stopped to talk, he said medical privacy law trumped her First Amendment rights to record the scene.

She was handcuffed after she then tried to photograph his badge. Officers told her to “stand up and act like a lady” and to stop resisting and relax when she said they were hurting her. She was released after about 10 minutes.

Associated Press

Associated Press