Lisa WeilLisa WeilNovember 14, 20184min380

On Election Day, something momentous happened: Well over 1 million Coloradans voted for Amendment 73, a statewide increase in funding for schools, kids and teachers.  That’s more than for any other tax proposal on the ballot, despite having a fraction of the resources and a well-funded opposition that used scare tactics to dissuade Coloradans from voting their values. It’s more than the marijuana tax received and more than twice the number of votes that the last statewide education funding measure received in 2013.


George AthanasopoulosGeorge AthanasopoulosNovember 12, 20186min1221

Last Tuesday’s election catastrophe in Colorado should not have been a surprise to anyone paying attention, nor should we be surprised that Republicans nationally performed better than expected. However, both should serve as an indictment of the Colorado Republican Party and a wake-up call for grassroots activists across our state. What happened on Tuesday was entirely predictable, easily avoidable, and the culmination of a series of terrible decisions that began in 2002.


Paula NoonanPaula NoonanNovember 7, 20185min360

This election delivered some astounding voter turnout numbers and left issues dogging the state for years unresolved. Tied for the most astonishing number of the night: 761,124, the turnout of unaffiliated voters in the election. UAFs took the lead in registrations a couple of years ago, and recent figures show them at 39 percent of voters. In this election, they took the lead in turnout at 33 percent of active voters to 32.8 for Democrats and 32.6 for the GOP. The total turnout for this midterm was 68 percent of active registered voters, a tour de force for a midterm.