Ernest LuningErnest LuningOctober 25, 201712min7695

Although he hasn't launched a campaign yet, Tom Tancredo holds a wide lead in Colorado's crowded Republican gubernatorial primary field and is in a statistical tie with leading Democratic candidate Jared Polis, according to a survey conducted by the pollster who set up the polling and data operations for Donald Trump's  presidential campaign.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 15, 201720min454

Near the end of the town hall in Frisco last Friday, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat in his ninth year in the Senate, invoked the famous answer Benjamin Franklin gave when asked what the framers of the Constitution had created. “He was asked, ‘What kind of government are you forming, a republic or a monarchy?’ and his answer was, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’”

Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirFebruary 7, 20172min381

It turns out Denver-based media personality David Sirota’s new gig, announced amid some fanfare last month, won’t happen. Evidently, the venture he was about to join doesn’t have enough cash.

As we reported on Inauguration Day, the politically leftward, unflinchingly outspoken columnist, onetime radio talker, activist and all-round rabble rouser had been tabbed to take the reins of a new left-of-center national news organization that was said to be the brainchild of liberal Washington fund-raiser, journalist and activist David Brock. Brock’s True Blue was being touted as a counterpart to the controversial right-wing Breitbart organization that is said to serve as virtual scripture for Team Trump.

Today, Sirota posted this on Facebook:

No word on whether Sirota will return to (or perhaps he never left?) the New York-based International Business Times, where alongside his well-established reputation as a political provocateur, he has nailed down his bona fides as a hard-charging and groundbreaking investigative journalist.


Mike LittwinMike LittwinNovember 21, 20168min406

We’re a little more than a week into the Donald Trump pre-presidency, and things are shaping up pretty much as expected. Lots of chaos. Lots of tweets. Lots of media-bashing. Lots of congratulatory phone calls to Trump from foreign leaders on, yes, apparently unsecured phone lines (and you said irony was dead). After losing the presidency, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, not to mention most governorships and state legislatures, Democrats are apparently at a complete loss as to how to deal with Trump. Meanwhile, most Republicans have quickly figured out what to do. They have unabashedly fallen in line, including some of those who were quite recently outspoken Trump critics.


Rick JensenRick JensenNovember 8, 20165min449

"She is a fundamentally good and decent person." You really need no further explanation as to why this is a laugh line. Just know it was someone talking about Hillary Clinton. That "someone" is President Obama, furiously trying to save Hillary's sliding campaign amid the FBI re-opening her criminal investigation. One of the millions of Americans who would never be convinced of such a construct would be Democrat Dave Schippers.


Erica WernerErica WernerAugust 22, 20165min305
Republican Donald Trump insists that he’s not flip-flopping when it comes to his proposal to deport the estimated 11 million people living in the United States illegally — even though his new campaign manager now says his stance is “to be determined.” Trump said in an interview with Fox & Friends on Monday that he’s […]

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John MicekJohn MicekAugust 18, 20166min346

To live in the universe of Breitbart News is to live in a universe of perpetual fear and agitation. "Suspected illegal immigrant allegedly carjacks elderly woman," one headline on the hyper-conservative, verging-on-nationalist site read Thursday morning. "Fire Department ordered removal of U.S. flags from fire trucks," blared another. "The ObamaCare Bomb: Plan 9 from Collectivist Space," warns still another headline.