Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandSeptember 5, 20187min554

While there's been plenty of angst about the amount of money going into the governor's race (currently at $21.3 million and counting, just for the candidates) campaign finance reports released Tuesday show that it's likely to be dwarfed by what the oil and gas is already pouring into committees that will do its bidding on ballot measures for November. The campaign finance reports come from the Secretary of State's campaign finance filing system, TRACER, and cover the period of July 28 through Aug. 29.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinSeptember 21, 201613min391

Amendment 69 will be an economic disaster, force doctors to flee Colorado in droves, allow taxes to be raised without voter approval and represents a "utopian fantasy world," according to Colorado State Treasurer Wayne Stapleton. On the other hand, the ColoradoCare statewide health care program the amendment would create offers more medical coverage to more people for less than what they're paying now, keep health care dollars in state instead of sending them to out-of-state private insurance companies and would need voter approval of any future tax increases, according to T.R. Reid, best-selling author, filmmaker and former Washington Post reporter.