Dave DaviaDave DaviaNovember 26, 20185min206

For months, news reports, candidates and politicos touted the countdown to election day. With the votes cast and results behind us, we can turn our collective attention to another milestone on the calendar that will have a huge impact on our economy – the holiday shopping season. While retailers across the state have been preparing for a busy season, they have also been plagued with a new cabal of bureaucratic red tape that threatens their success and presents an almost insurmountable challenge for many.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinOctober 26, 20169min1069

An ordinance that established a prevailing wage for City and County of Denver contractors has not seen any significant change in more than a half century, other than a process to exclude violators from doing city work projects that has not banned a single company. That is likely to change, with the city council's Finance and Governance Committee recent recommendation that the full council approve several changes to the ordinance that were guided by Denver Auditor Timothy O'Brien.