Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandSeptember 5, 20187min538

While there's been plenty of angst about the amount of money going into the governor's race (currently at $21.3 million and counting, just for the candidates) campaign finance reports released Tuesday show that it's likely to be dwarfed by what the oil and gas is already pouring into committees that will do its bidding on ballot measures for November. The campaign finance reports come from the Secretary of State's campaign finance filing system, TRACER, and cover the period of July 28 through Aug. 29.


Debbie OrtegaDebbie OrtegaSeptember 3, 20184min1157

This fall, the Colorado Farm Bureau and oil and gas companies like Anadarko and Noble are poised to pulverize the very purpose of local government. By changing only 11 words in the state constitution, as Amendment 74 seeks to do, any property owner could claim that any government decision decreased the value of their property and sue local and state governments for compensation -- with taxpayers forced to pay the price.


Shawn MartiniShawn MartiniJune 8, 20184min1602

Colorado is a great state, a state that comes together to solve problems. There is a lot of mudslinging in politics right now, but there’s a potential statewide ballot measure that provides a breath of fresh air. The proposed initiative finds common ground across all party affiliations and unites both rural and urban Colorado communities to safeguard private property from government overreach.