John TomasicJohn TomasicFebruary 10, 20176min773

On Friday, state Senate Democrats attempted to amend a campus free speech bill to include voter registration activity among the kinds of “speech” the bill marks out in particular for protection. All 18 Senate Republicans voted down the amendment on the Senate floor. Democrats took turns speaking in favor of the amendment. The bill now enumerates "a student's constitutional right to speak" as “speaking verbally, holding a sign, or distributing flyers or other material.”

Jared WrightJared WrightMarch 21, 201644min3615

By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright _@JaredWright_ DENVER — Good morning and Happy Monday to each of you. By its very nature, politics often conjures image from the movie Dumb and Dumber, a fact one of the star actors from the cult-classic comedy fully recognized Friday. Jim Carrey, growing tired of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz attacking one another last week using movies he's stared in, effectively ended the conversation with a tweet to end all tweets.