Miller HudsonMiller HudsonAugust 29, 20186min423

Politics, like most avocations, functions in the shadow of myths. Perhaps the most popular is the notion that real social change grows up out of the grassroots — best captured by, “…if the people lead, then their leaders will follow” trope. There is a modicum of truth to this theory, courage always being in short supply among elected officials. However, upon closer inspection, we frequently discover the fingerprints of hidden actors.

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 25, 201642min506

DENVER — Good day and welcome to the Hot Sheet revolution — the idea that you can get all your insider Colorado political news in one place without having to scour the Internet and wade through the political catacombs yourself, a process that would take you hours a day and leave you filthy and exhausted at best. Trust me, I know. So here it is, The Hot Sheet, cooked up just for you ... you're welcome. Today is the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary! For those of us growing up or living in the American West, it's a day that shares a special place in all our hearts. What a privilege to share the incredible beauty of our public lands! On August 25, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill into law to create the National Park Service to oversee the already-established national parks and “such other national parks and reservations of like character as may be hereafter created by Congress.” To the National Park Service, "Let the Eagle Soar"

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 17, 201623min438

DENVER — Good morning. How are you holding up? Good? Good. Keep walking those neighborhoods; avoiding those dog bites, smiling and dialing until your ear has permanently molded to the shape of the phone receiver; organizing ... something, anything ... just organizing everything ... even color coding the Bic pens for the volunteers; yelling at those same said volunteers 5-times your age even though you know they can't hear you, eating pizza for the tenth night in a row, in fact it might even be 10 days old — and way too late for any reasonable digestive system — squinting at Excel documents until you can start making out hidden pictures in the data ... and just then you realize you haven't showered or changed out of that dingy sport coat you're wearing for the last 14 days ... you know, all the typical campaign stuff. Yes, including having a philosophic debate with someone about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire for 5 minutes straight and then realizing it's just your reflection in that dirty mirror in the closet bathroom at your office headquarters located in the back of that nail salon. And yes, it does look like it needs cleaned really, really badly. Have you never heard of Mr. Clean? Pinesol? No?