Gordon KlingenschmittGordon KlingenschmittJuly 11, 20186min552

It’s rare when the far left Bernie Sanders followers and the far right friends of Gordon Klingenschmitt share a common political cause, but the recent Colorado Republican and Democrat state-wide party primary votes are sadly cause for such new agreement. Grassroots activists are now terribly outspent by the establishment middle, worsened now that unaffiliateds voted in our primaries.


Kevin LundbergKevin LundbergJune 26, 20185min435

In primary voting that concludes today, for the first time in history, Colorado’s 1.2 million unaffiliated voters will be able to cast a ballot in a Republican or Democrat primary. Ballots were mailed to all voters, affiliated and unaffiliated alike, on June 4. Those 1.2 million “active unaffiliated voters” received both Republican and Democrat ballots, and they could choose one or the other. For the first time they have an equal vote with long-time party loyalists in the selection of a party’s nominees.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 13, 201813min2107

When Colorado voters cast ballots in the upcoming primary election, they’ll almost certainly face an unprecedented smorgasbord of candidates spread across an unusually high number of races up and down the ballot. And for the first time, the state’s unaffiliated voters — there are slightly more of them than there are either Democrats or Republicans — will have a say in the outcome.