Jimmy SengenbergerJimmy SengenbergerSeptember 19, 20186min510

It was the summer before 8th grade (2003), a couple months before I turned 13. We were on a family vacation in my hometown of Albany, New York. After golfing with my grandfather, a familiar voice emanated from the car radio – familiar not because I really knew who Rush Limbaugh was, but because Grandpa had long been a “Dittohead.” The show lit my curiosity and sparked a vigorous, lengthy conversation.


Miller HudsonMiller HudsonAugust 2, 20186min421

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychological Science attempted to estimate the collective sense of narcissism shared in each state. The primary measure of perceived self-importance asked residents what percentage of American history was primarily shaped by their own state? Collectively, these estimates totaled a whopping 907%. One of the researchers, Henry Roediger of Washington University in St. Louis observed, “The question we asked is crazy in one sense, because there is no correct answer, but it told us a lot about people and what they believe about themselves. We thought the numbers would be high, but not this high.”


Gordon KlingenschmittGordon KlingenschmittJuly 11, 20186min550

It’s rare when the far left Bernie Sanders followers and the far right friends of Gordon Klingenschmitt share a common political cause, but the recent Colorado Republican and Democrat state-wide party primary votes are sadly cause for such new agreement. Grassroots activists are now terribly outspent by the establishment middle, worsened now that unaffiliateds voted in our primaries.


Miller HudsonMiller HudsonApril 24, 20187min341

The political ambush is difficult to pull off. Betrayal is always a risk (the opposing party may serve as your public adversary, but one’s personal enemies are more likely to be sharing a beer with you). Campaign managers must tread carefully. Finance disclosure reports often deposit a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to dirty trick conspirators, while what looks like an undefended vulnerability can prove a trap. Defensive strategy prioritizes ‘inoculation’: the pre-emptive copping to DUIs, restraining orders, rehab residencies, unpaid child support payments and bankruptcies. With the advent of the Internet, there are few skeletons that remain reliably stuffed into a candidate’s closet. Opposition research can locate your prom date, former spouses, disgruntled co-workers, boot camp buddies and credit scores.