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Unlike other states, candidates in Colorado accept close results

Author: Marshall Zelinger, 9News - November 14, 2018 - Updated: November 14, 2018

Arapahoe County Clerk & Recorder Matt Crane in the county’s ballot-signature verification room. Crane is trailing in his bid for re-election. (KUSA-9News, Denver)

Ballots are still being counted in Colorado, yet there is no outcry despite some really close races.

While close elections in Arizona, Florida and Georgia have led to lawsuits, candidates in Colorado who 9News talked with are accepting the results.

Three statehouse races are within a few hundred votes. The Castle Rock mayor’s race is currently separated by just two votes.

In Arapahoe County, incumbent Republican Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane is trailing by 5,000 votes, yet is not waiting for the thousands of ballots with signature issues to be resolved.

“There’s always some conspiracy theories when there’s a close race, especially from the candidate who’s on the losing side, but here in Colorado, we’ve spent a lot of time to make sure that we have really done a good job of creating checks and balances throughout the entire process,” Crane said.

“I don’t challenge the results here,” he said. “I’m on the ballot this year, and I won’t challenge the results because I know what an amazing job my team and my operation do.”

Crane came in on his holiday day off to show Next the signature verification room with about 4,000 ballots that have not been counted because election judges found something wrong with the signature on the envelope.

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Marshall Zelinger, 9News

Marshall Zelinger, 9News