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WATCH: Hickenlooper on presidential run, Colorado’s next governor

Author: Marshall Zelinger, 9News - November 2, 2018 - Updated: November 2, 2018


Coloradans soon will know the name of their next governor.

Nearly eight years after taking the job himself, Gov. John Hickenlooper stopped by Next with Kyle Clark to discuss his possible successors, what’s next and the thing that surprised him most about being governor.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis is a congressman who works in Washington, D.C., while Republican candidate Walker Stapleton, the state treasurer, has an office right across the hall from Hickenlooper.

“It’s interesting, I have a good relationship independently of politics with both of them. I am supporting Jared Polis, but I count myself a friend of Walker Stapleton’s,” Hickenlooper said.

For more of our conversation — including what he has to say about a presidential run — watch the vice below.

Marshall Zelinger, 9News

Marshall Zelinger, 9News