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WATCH: Hickenlooper on why he wants Supreme Court to look at state Constitution

Author: Next with Kyle Clark, 9News - November 23, 2018 - Updated: November 23, 2018


Gov. John Hickenlooper is throwing a political grenade on his way out the door. Why now?

On Tuesday, Hickenlooper asked the Colorado Supreme Court to look into conflicts between two state constitutional amendments that critics say combine to drain away tax revenue needed by communities around the state to fund schools, firefighting and other services. (That story’s here.)

So 9News asked him: You had eight years; why are you doing this now?

“It will make the tax collections in rural Colorado much more fair,” the governor answered.

WATCH Wednesday’s episode of Next with Kyle Clark below. (The bit about Hickenlooper begins at 3:12 into the show.)

Next with Kyle Clark, 9News

Next with Kyle Clark, 9News